Tanning Cream Options for Fair Skin

However, a big percentage of people have fair skin, and they have trouble being tanned from the sun. Instead of getting a tan, their skin is burned. This provides an interesting market for tanning cream.

A sunless tanning cream is a lotion that triggers skin pigmentation even without exposure to sunlight. This discovery; a few years ago over an experiment on mice has proven the effect of a substance called Forskolin, taken from the Forskohli mint plant from India, which stimulates the production of skin pigment.

This was the beginning of the tanning process catering to fair-skin people. In addition to providing a tan without exposure to harmful UV rays, these creams have been designed to add an extra layer of protection to UV light, making them protect users against skin cancer. After all, the more times that the skin gets burned from the sun translates into a greater risk for skin cancer.

This means fair-skinned individuals do not need to spend much time in the sun anymore in hopes of getting a suntan, reducing the incidence of skin cancer. You can buy tanning cream by visiting at saltyface.ca/collections/shop/products/tanning-water.

A study sent three women, who had been previously disappointed with their attempts at self-tanning, home with each of these products to try them and bring back a report. Here are the basic findings:

1. Jergens – This product was designed to work up a tan while being applied as a daily moisturizer, and the lady who used it said it did tan her skin in a gradual way. However, she explained that using it daily was not really enjoyable since the cream was not created in the way moisturizers are supposed to feel. The product did not soak in easily and was actually quite greasy, making it an ugly moisturizer to put on one's skin on a day-to-day basis.

2. Neutrogena – The woman who used this self-tanner saw very fast results, an almost instant tanning, and a very good overall effect at that. However, she noted that the product had a very strong smell. She said that if only the odor could have been reduced, she would have been happy to continue using the product and would also recommend it to all her friends.