Homeschooling: Elementary Math Curriculum

When searching for the right math curriculum for elementary-aged children, it is important to keep in mind that math can be difficult for some students. If you are looking for the right 5 class curriculum, you can also buy a  fifth-class math book online. Math may be a problem for your child if it is already difficult. 

If this happens, you should break down math into these three areas. These sessions will help you spread math throughout the day, with each session focusing on a different area.

1. Math Facts – Math facts are primarily an auditory memory function so make sure to present the new information visually as well as auditorily to your child. 

2. Math Computation – At a different hour of the day, work on your computation skills. Visual instruction is recommended at 75%. Computation is mainly a function of visual memory. This means you solve three problems for your child while he watches. 

As you work, you will only say a few words each step. Next, your child will do the fourth. For a total of 10 minutes, repeat the process. Start with simple addition, then move on to long division, fractions, and so forth. 

3. Math Concepts – These are the basics of math. Concepts show how the basics can be applied in real life. You can find a regular curriculum in Math. These courses cover all aspects of math, but it is difficult to focus on just one part. These math concepts can be applied in a variety of ways by several math games.

It's possible to spend a lot of money. A book with games you can all play together is perhaps a better option.