Setting Up Your Business In Singapore

In contrast to other nations, it is quite simple to set up the business of your dreams or branch office in Singapore. Singapore is a great place to invest in opportunities due to its investments in human resources and the development of cutting-edge infrastructure.

Singapore is a low-cost country with minimal, red tape or registration requirements to take care of. So you should decide to set the business of your dreams in Singapore. It is nevertheless worthwhile to know the fundamental rules that must be adhered to in order to conduct your business from Singapore. For that, you can get expert consultation through to start business in Singapore.

• Registering with the proper authorities

Any entrepreneur or a company who or which desires to register a foreign branch office is required to seek the help of a lawyer, chartered accountant, or a registered professional to help deal with the required paperwork and documentation process. The Companies Act makes it mandatory for a company to appoint at least two individuals to conduct and carry out the business proceedings on behalf of the business entity in Singapore.

• Getting the company name or brand-approved

The Act states that the brand name used by the company should be approved by concerned authorities before it can be officially registered. A name may not be approved if it is identical to some other business concern's name already registered prior to your application. Moreover, racist, religiously offensive, vulgar, or undesirable names cannot be used for registration purposes.