What To Consider When Hiring A Kanata Personal Trainer

There are many types of personal training certificates in the fitness industry. The state government does not yet regulate personal training, so no law dictates whether a fitness professional must have special powers.

One day a law could be passed to ensure that all personal trainers must have a four-year training-related degree and specific personal training certification. Until this law is passed and implemented, there are no provisions regarding personal trainers and their qualifications.

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Studies show that trainers with formal training are better informed. More than half of the personal trainers surveyed are unqualified. Trainers without a diploma scored 31% less than those who did. The study found that personal trainers with a bachelor's or master's degree in exercise science had a deeper understanding of exercise physiology and the human body.

Most certification bodies require a bachelor's degree in a sports-related field. The most advanced personal training certificates require a degree as a prerequisite for taking the exam. Personal trainers who have a sports-related degree will see fitness as a career option rather than a hobby.

It is also important that the personal trainer has experience working with different types of clients and has a sports-related degree. Unfortunately, there are still many trainers who are not demoted or certified. This can be a problem because unqualified personal trainers are more likely to expose clients to a higher risk of injury.