Tips For Looking After Washable Cloth Pads

Cloth sanitary pads are a great option when looking for a zero-waste choice for disposable pads. They are more eco-friendly as well as economical as you can reuse them for years. 

However, in order for the washable pads to last as long as possible, it is important to take good care of them. Here are some tips for you on how to extend the life of your reusable pads. You can get more information about the best washable period pads via

washable period pads

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Choose your washing pads wisely:

-Always try to choose organic cotton pads. The pads are in contact with your skin for hours, so it is very important that the fabric does not contain harmful chemicals.

-Wash your pads before using them for the first time to maximize absorption.

-Wash your pads in the washing machine with natural, eco-friendly detergents. This way, the fabric doesn't absorb the chemicals that can be found in some commercial detergents. You can wash it by hand, but stains are more difficult to remove.

-Rinse your pads with cold water after use. Rinse the electrodes until most of the absorbed blood has been removed. You will find that when the water runs out, the blood is gone.

-Finally, wash your pads with other clothes. This makes your load more environmentally friendly and at the same time, the items rub against each other, which allows for more efficient washing.