Tips For Choosing the Right Barcode Labels

When you use barcodes as a strategic asset to automate your processes, expect the solution to work as expected. However, choosing the right barcode labels is often not considered carefully enough. Choosing the right barcode label helps ensure maximum performance and efficiency. The following criteria will help you choose the right barcode labels.

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1. Application. When choosing a label, the deciding factor is what your barcode label will be used for and applied to. Indoor or outdoor use, the effect of humidity, and temperature range are the questions you need to answer to determine the right barcode label.

2. Environment. Are your barcode labels exposed to extreme conditions? Direct sunlight, dirt, oil, heat, cold, water, food, or others. Each of these conditions must be considered so that your barcode label can function optimally.

3. Durability. Some barcode labels have to last a long time. While others only need to last a while (eg during delivery). Not only do the labels have to last a long time, but the barcodes and printed details also have to be taken into account.

There are additional options for barcode carrier selection, e.g. These include preprinted labels, color-coded labels, variable data labels, asset labels, static stickers, and tags. A media professional can help you find a solution for your barcode printing needs.