The Big Picture – Deciding What’s Important for Ourselves and Our Children

Talking about the big picture can be scary for some. The big picture is about life and death, the universe, infinity, the nature of creation, pain, and suffering, and the meaning of life. Yet there are pictures within pictures, worlds within worlds. Sometimes we get to the big picture – if we wish – by working on the smaller ones.

Within the big picture lies our own world: the world of our lives and influence, our families, job, and community. We connect ourselves to the larger world, to the big picture, in the choices we make.

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We start from inside ourselves and our immediate influence, and through our sense of meaning and purpose – the truths we discover – we become more connected to the outside world. Our meaning, the sense of purpose we create in our lives, allows us to understand that we do transform the world around us; we do have this power.

This transformation may be on a small or large scale. Who's to say, however, what is really small or large? Who's to say what is important and what is inconsequential? What starts out small may become huge as the torch is passed on as a result of the actions we begin.

A powerful idea may be more transformational than the physical construction of something big. We do what we can do and that is enough because we are doing all that we can do.

This transformation, this influence starts with us, with our world, and influences the big picture. Whether we know the meaning of the universe or not. Whether we understand the big picture or not.