Importance Of Using Visual Concepts In The Production Of Video Games

Over the years, the technology surrounding the gaming world has been growing ever faster, with new possibilities for more convincing and interactive visual simulation. The development of new machines, new production tools, and the application of artistic concepts in production brought the game industry closer to giants such as the film industry in terms of investment, profit, and media fame.

The game backgrounds screens also plays a very important role in the production of video games. 

The responsibility of the artwork studio in determining the visual identity of the project is immense, determining the color palette, style, and composition in the design concept directly affecting the player experience.

It's visual communication that tells players if script elements can explode, or if a character is an ally, neutral, or villain, plus very clear information that will save time and make the experience smoother.

Independent Video Game Studio

Acting against the way of the big producers, the small independent game development studios, take the visual appeal in the background and focus on the gameplay and the constant experience of satisfaction to the player.

In the early days of the gaming industry, games were made exclusively by programmers who understood absolutely nothing of design or visual arts, which left these games with a raw look and with little, if any, environmental interaction with the player.

Today, even these new retro-style games bring visual elements that set the player in the game and ensure a more complete and immersive experience.