Biodegradable drinking straws: The benefits

A drinking straw might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a fountain drink or a drink you would give to a child. However, thousands use these plastic tubes every day. Drinking straws are recommended by dentists for children under five years old to help remove sugary liquids from their mouths without causing damage to the enamel. Straws can also be used to drink liquids in situations where the rim of a glass is not perfect.

Biodegradable drinking straws can be a great way for enamel protection and to help protect the environment. Every day, thousands of drinking straws around the globe are used. They can be replaced with biodegradable straws, which will reduce plastic waste dramatically.

You can buy in bulk from the ‘manufacturer of biodegradable straws at’ (also known as ‘produsent av biologisk nedbrytbare sugerør på’ in the Norwegian language), just like regular straws. Once thrown out, they are recyclable. You can buy them wrapped or unwrapped. They also come with coffee stirrers, which offer options for commercial and household use.

Biodegradable' drinking straws contain PFAS

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A biodegradable straw is different from a plastic straw. The straws are made from starch-based resins, corn, and bamboo. These straws are all affordable and renewable. Biodegradable straws not only are environmentally friendly but also friendly for your wallet.

Although drinking straws might seem like a small amount to throw away, think about how many people use them each day. For children under five years old, keep biodegradable straws at home. Encourage restaurants to offer biodegradable straws. It is easy to make a big difference by switching.