Why Use Fingerprint Time Clocks

Employers can benefit from fingerprint clocks in their workplace for many reasons, including office security and accuracy. Workplaces can use biometric attendance and time clocks to prevent buddy punching and also collect accurate information.

Fingerprint time systems make sure that the employee actually clocking in is the one using the clock. Fingermark time clocks are not allowed to be used by other employees for late or absent employees, or buddy punching. The system only records the employee's fingerprint. 

Employees do not need to have a card or any other type of identification to use the time and attendance systems. Employees can punch in and out quickly and easily without the need for a badge or card. This is time-consuming and could lead to employees losing their badges or cards.

A biometric clock is accurate because no two fingerprints will be the same. Without any errors or miscalculations, employee time is seamlessly transferred into your workplace's time-management software. It is easy to identify employees who have forgotten to clock in and correct them.

A biometric system is quick and easy to use, which means employees don't have to waste their time or reduce their productivity. Employees do not have to spend time entering their identification numbers and swiping cards. 

Biometric systems can be used in any environment, from dry to damp. This makes them ideal for warehouses and offices. No matter what environment, fingerprint technology ensures that your fingers match perfectly.