Why Is Batman The Best Comic Book Character Ever Created?

Some argue that superheroes don't have any relevance in today's modern world. Superman and other Golden Age characters have struggled to adapt to modern times because of their flaws, storylines, and limitations. Batman is one character that has thrived in modern settings. The Caped Crusader comic book character is perhaps the most culturally and socially relevant. 

The most intriguing thing about Batman is his history. Bruce Wayne could have become a revenge-driven psychopath after he saw his parents killed when he was eight years old. Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke" raises an interesting idea. It is believed that Batman and Joker are opposites. You can find the ‘best batman comics’ (also known as ‘beste batman-strips’ in Dutch language) on various online sites. 

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Moore says that both were the victims of "one bad day", which sent them on the path towards insanity. Joker's origin is thought to be the death of his wife and child, followed by his disfigurement that sent him insane. They are separated by the decisions made by Batman and Joker. Batman decided to use his inner demons to fight crime and seek justice. 

Despite the horrors of his past, Batman is still a good guy. His decision to seek justice through fair means further demonstrates this. While beating criminals to pulp is a violation of ethical boundaries, the Dark Knight's decision to capture criminals so that the justice system can decide their fates keeps his ethics in line.

The great thing about the Batman character is his ability to fit into any storyline or subtext. Batman can be used in any story as long as the core mythos remains the same and Batman is an ordinary man who fights crime and evil.