Why Choose Recombinant Protein Production?

Are you looking for an experienced manufacturing company for antibodies and ELISA kits for scientists worldwide? You can read this article to know about these kinds of company’s provider’s recombinant protein expression services to make antibodies and have a fully optimized line for making recombinant proteins. 

They can offer you a unique combination of quality of service, expertise, and cost savings in recombinant protein expression services. Despite the evolution of eukaryotic expression systems, E. coli remains the most extensively used recombinant protein expression method. You can visit www.bosterbio.com/services/recombinant-protein-expression-service to get the best recombinant protein expression service.

Cell Lines for Recombinant Protein Expression

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Low cost, high expression level, quick upgrading, and short wait time are all advantages of E. coli expression. One thing to keep in mind is that when foreign proteins are expressed in E. coli, the imbalance between protein aggregation and dissolution might result in the creation of protein aggregates termed inclusion bodies.

In this case, our protein folding system is set up to break down and fold the inclusion bodies to obtain a dissolved bioactive recombinant protein.

The Bacteria Expression System offers the following advantages:

High efficiency: a collection of more than 10 friendly strains and a variety of patented or non-patented vectors ensures the selection of the most efficient expression system.

High Performance: Enhanced label fusion technology and patented AIE technology are available internally to increase protein solubility and production, and to reduce cleaning costs even for toxic proteins.

Advanced Replay: We have been developing and optimizing an advanced protein resurfacing system for years consisting of 20 resurfacing buffers to increase the chances of obtaining bioactive and soluble protein.