What Is Internal Family System Therapy?

Treatment of Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a conversational type of therapy based on the assumption that in each of our minds, there are several "sub-personalities" or "parts". The parts are considered to interact with each other inside – just as different people can interact with each other outside.

According to the internal family system treatment, parts can be damaged because of our past experiences. For example, experiencing intense emotions like fear, anger, or shame as a result of a past event is deemed to be provided by one of the parties.

internal family systems group therapy

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The following actions of the injured part, or the interaction between the parts, can cause us discomfort or impact on our performance in a way that creates sadness.

At the heart of the IFS model is the concept of "self", the idea that we all have a clever, quiet, and everything intact. The Self is considered to be our base and the leader of the parts.

IFS therapy is carried out as part of this "inner system", consisting of sub-personalities that interact with each other to be driven by the self. There is a spiritual healing element in therapy IFS – and self-leadership and self-compassion are the primary objectives.

What is the treatment of internal family systems can help

The IFS model can be utilized to the dynamics of couples and relationships, as well as the dynamics between the sub-personalities of the person in therapy.

There is evidence to suggest that IFS therapy may be useful to improve functioning and well-being.