What is a Water Level Indicator?

A water level indicator is a system that sends data to a control panel to show if a body of water has a high or low water level. To monitor water levels, some water level indicators employ a mix of probe sensors and float switches. The Water Level Indicator detects and indicates the water level in an overhead tank or any other water container using a simple mechanism. You can look for the best water level gauge online.

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Purpose of Water Level Indicator

A water level indicator is used to measure and regulate the water level in a water tank. When the water level drops too low, the control panel can be configured to automatically turn on a water pump and refill the tank.

Role of Water Level Indicator Sensor?

A probe sensor, also known as a water level indicator sensor, alerts the control panel that corrective action is required. When water levels are too high or too low, a combination of high and low sensors alert the control panel. 

The Use of a Water Level Indicator 

There are a variety of uses for a water level indicator. Water level indicators can be found in hotels, pools, factories, and building fire prevention systems, among other places.