What Is A Personality Test For Recruitment?

A personality test is a form of assessment that employers or recruiters utilize as a tool to help them screen candidates and find individuals with character traits that perfectly fit into their companies. 

A personality test from https://icareertest.com/ is designed to unveil certain aspects of candidates’ personalities and estimate the likelihood that they will become successful in specific positions or not. 

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In recruitment, specialized positions such as computer engineers or data analysts, role-specific tests tend to be an expected part of the interview. However, personality tests have become a new addition to the process for candidates in mid-level and above, as they provide employers with more targeted insights into the candidates’ behaviors, skills, and characteristics.

Personality tests as the latest recruitment trend

As companies around the globe are evolving along with the market and catching up with new recruitment practices, these numbers are constantly rising. 

Consequently, a low employee engagement results in over 20% lower productivity and roughly 40% higher turnover. 

Hiring new employees is quite an expensive and time-consuming activity. Just think about what has to be done and how much money has to be spent to make an individual a new addition to the company. 

From interviewing, processing him/her into the system, going through the training period. These processes are repeating in an endless loop. 

Therefore, to save time, effort, and money, and to prevent the drop in productivity, employers find it in their best interest to vet candidates for long-term employment beforehand. This began their search for a recruitment tool that offers a predictive index that allows them to make better decisions.