What do you do if you think you are exposed to Asbestos?

Newcastle asbestos removal

The fibres that make up Asbestos are microscopic little things that when any product containing Asbestos is broken or disturbed these fibres become airborne and that is when you can be exposed. Unknowingly intake of these fibres through breathing allows them to rest on various tissues of organs eventually eating through them and in many cases causing tumours. 

But many of the symptoms of various asbestos-related diseases all start appearing over a long period of time, various illnesses like Asbestosis and Mesothelioma take around 10 to 40 years to develop.

If you think you have been exposed to Asbestos, your first move is to immediately contact a doctor. Letting them know of the event will allow them to determine the risk of any asbestos-related illnesses later on. A specialist or an inspector is your next person to go to. You can pinpoint the area or product you suspect to have asbestos and they will ensure through testing whether there are any traces of Asbestos. If the tests come out positive there is no need to panic as there is no immediate danger. Follow what the specialists recommend, you will have to remove and go through the process of asbestos abatement to avoid further exposure to Asbestos. *keyword* Keeping your doctor updated allows them to monitor your health and making them aware of such an event will allow them to record it onto your medical history. 

But generally short-term exposure and one-off exposure are considered typically harmless both short and long-term. The best option when dealing with this harmful material is getting experts for asbestos removal in Newcastle