What Are The Benefits Of An Access Control System In Sydney?

There are so many access control systems on the market, with an even wider selection of features and functions.

Some benefits of an access control system are:

  • Protection – by preventing unauthorized access to a site, helps protect premises and the people and assets within them, mostly from damage or theft. You can easily get the reliable access control systems supply & installation services across in Sydney via Buffalo Security.
  • Restrict access – at the same time, it may also act as a safety measure, preventing people from going near a potentially dangerous area or equipment (even if they shouldn’t be there in the first place).
  • Highly flexible –  access control systems are highly flexible. You can program them to only permit an individual’s access to particular doors at set times.

  • Control access – with electronic access control, a single-entry device grants access to every door that a person is authorized to access, so there's no chance of forgetting the key for a door – or being weighed down by a set of keys!
  • No physical key – If you are using proximity systems and the device is lost by an individual, it’s a far easier situation to manage as you have full control over the system and can instantly revoke access to that device. If a physical key is lost, there is no way to block it or be sure that it has not fallen into the wrong hands. The only way of blocking access to the lost key would be replacing the original lock – costly, inconvenient and unsustainable.
  • Record history of entry – an additional benefit of electronic access control is complete history logging. This can be an invaluable tool when investigating vandalism or theft, or for tracking response times or technical activities internally. Furthermore, when an outside contractor or visitor needs access, the door can be opened remotely without any effort.