Variety Of Cigar Cutters For Gifting

Every cigar lover understands that the way you cut cigars can mess up your great cigar. Plus, cutting cigars is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the fantastic heritage of growing, picking, fermenting and rolling tobacco.

Cigar cutters are such a common accessory that every smoker lover should have one. The way cigars are cut is a matter of personal preference, but you will need to acquire knowledge and skills about cigars in general.

Plus, a cigar cutter is a great gift for any cigar enthusiast. Tabanero Cigars is the best place if you are looking for great cigar gifts, specifically cigar cutters. Let's take a look at some of the trending cigar cutters accessories.

best cigars cutter

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Direct cutter

The guillotine on the blade is the simplest type of direct cutter, although the double blade is much safer. The latter are considered by qualified professionals for their accuracy and ability to make the purest of cuts.

The cuts are basically done on both sides, which actually provides an advantage. Another benefit of cutting your cigars with double row guillotine is the accuracy of the cutting, which prevents the wrapper from tearing.

Wedge Cutter

Instead of cutting completely, the V- shape cutter bore a serrated hole made by knives of different shapes. Thanks to its innovative design, it can be cut on one side and at the same depth. This is almost always a fantastic accessory, perfect for people who love small cigar brands.