Truffle Salt History and Information

What is Truffle Salt? Truffle Salt which translates into "hard-boiled" was only recently infused with black truffle oil. Since black truffle salt typically uses real chunks of truffle for its infusion and blending with sea salt, it's become more popular lately. More people are discovering that this type of salt is quite healthy.

So what is it? Truffle (which can also be called rock salt) is a fine powder that is mostly made out of wood shavings from the woods of the Atacam tree. It is a high-quality ingredient for a wide range of culinary and baking endeavors from popcorn to chocolate and even truffles.

Here are some of the health benefits of truffle salt:

Truffle Salt Popcorn. How can using truffle salt popcorn is healthy? Popcorn and its oil have been shown to help lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol, lower levels of sugar, reduce the risk of heart attack, etc. In fact, popcorn is so healthy that the first word in the name of its franchise, Popcorn, is derived from the Greek word meaning "good". Now that makes it something really good!

Aromatherapy with Truffle Salt. Using truffle salt in aromatherapy has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential, but it's already come a long way. The aroma of truffle in addition to cedar and oak moss oil is known to be highly effective for uplifting the spirit and for overall mind and body health.

Health Benefit of Black Truffle Salt. Of course, we can't forget the taste. In addition to the sesame seeds and pistachio, black truffle salt is also a great substitute for butter and cream cheese when cooking eggs. Asparagus is also a good egg alternative. Asparagus is low in fat, contains a reasonable amount of sodium, is a rich source of potassium and magnesium, and has a long way to go before it becomes too much of a health hazard.

Health Benefit of Asparagus in a Dish. Who hasn't eaten asparagus or had it grilled? Grilled asparagus makes a wonderful side dish or comes steamed with lemon and olive oil, a simple dish that you can easily make at home. However, to get the most health benefits from this luxurious spice, you'll want to use truffle salt as the finishing salt on your dish, like a simple truffle grater.

Use Truffle Salt As an Appreciative Dish Cleaner. When you've just taken a big bite of that roasted piece of chicken, the last thing you need is a salty taste in your mouth. Sea salt or kosher salt will help you get over that without any effort. Simply blend a tablespoon or two of your favorite seasoning blend (like truffle salt) into some sea salt or kosher salt and sprinkle over everything from broccoli stalks to fish fillets to turkey. It's good for cleaning out the pores in your food, so don't be afraid to use it!

The health benefits of truffle salt are endless, so use it whenever you can. Add it to salads, use it as a sea salt alternative on your pasta sauce, and even sprinkle it over fruit and dessert. No matter how you use it, this luxurious spice is healthier than most table salt by leaps and bounds. So grab some truffle salt, a glass of wine, and a cozy chair for your next dinner party and experience the amazing power of this delightful seasoning.

Learn About Truffle Salt History. While the exact origins of truffles are unclear, we do know that the French were some of the first to discover them. In fact, many historians credit the discovery to King Louis XIV of France, who loved all types of truffles and made sure that his cheese was available at his banquets.

The next time you find yourself staring blankly at a plate of spaghetti, wonder if maybe you should start adding more truffles to it. Much like mushrooms, truffles are much like cheeses in that they can easily take on a variety of flavors, whether they be raspberry walnut or chocolate. You can cook them with meat as well, although if you want them to retain their luxurious form, only use truffles that are themselves rich in flavor like goose or apricot, leave the meat behind and save yourself quite a bit of time.

If you have never used Italian Black Truffle salt, give it a try. It will add a unique flavor to your dishes that are out of this world. Not only will it improve your cooking, but your guests will notice that you are paying more attention to what you are doing. And, who knows, they might start asking how you can make dishes with truffles that are just like the ones you eat yourself.