Top 3 Wall Garden Designs to Beautify Your Home or Office

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How can you not be fascinated with those vertical gardens hanging on the walls? Well, that’s another beautiful invention in the world of design and architecture. And they are being in use across homes, offices, and public places across the world. But do you know not all wall gardens are the same? Many different such designs exist and it depends on your creativity and knowledge to create a fascinating yet unique one.

Here, we will be covering the top 4 wall garden designs that you can consider installing at your home or office.

  1. Multi-pattern Wall Garden: Such gardens project one’s eye for style and creativity. Since plants come in varying shades of greens with multi-coloured flowers, you can create any design using a desired combination. It can be a number, some symbol, a particular shape, or a logo of your brand.
  2. Frame Display: It appears like a group of framed images of nature hung on a wall. This design uses square frames with plants within or behind the wall. You can add a bird’s house to give it a more natural look or incorporate different elements to make it unique.
  3. Garden Fence: While those electric and wire fences scare people away, this garden fence will attract eyes of the nature lovers. It also adds beauty inside out while making the space appear bigger than actual.

Are you looking for any such wall garden for your home or office? You can create one yourself or get a beautifully created one from plant hire Melbourne with maintenance service as well.