Things to Know When Buying a Trailer

In our previous article, we showed how you can do your homework on the actual trailer manufacturer and retailer prior to investing your time or money in visiting them. This article will show you what to look for on the trailer itself to ensure you are getting the best possible trailer to last for years.

When purchasing an enclosed trailer, you must first identify whether it is made entirely of aluminum or steel frames. Steel-framed trailers are often marketed by retailers as aluminum trailers simply because they have an aluminum skin. This is a complete lie. 

These teardrop trailers are stronger, lighter, and won't rust. They are also among the most secure and reliable pulling trailers. Aluminum trailers are generally more expensive due to higher manufacturing costs.

This is not to imply that a steel-framed trailer is a poor trailer to consider. Many trailer companies build a very high quality, strong, and great-looking steel framed trailer. I only address this topic because some retailers present steel framed trailers as all-aluminum to make a larger profit at the consumer's expense.

The manufacturer must have a decal and an identification number to prove that they are following quality manufacturing processes. Verify that the company name displayed on the trailer is legitimate with their own address, website, and corporate offices.