The History and Origins of Tinto Wine

Tinto wine is a type of red wine made from the must (the liquid left over after wine making) of a grape variety that has been dried in the sun or in an oven. The name "tinta" comes from the Spanish word for "slate," since the color of this type of wine is similar to that of slate. 

Why Do People Drink Tinto Wine?

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There are a few reasons why people might choose to drink wine, depending on their individual preferences. For some, the slightly sweet taste and light body may be appealing, whereas others may appreciate the unique flavor profile of this type of wine.

Where to Get a Good Glass of Tinto Wine?

1. Local wine store. This is always a great option because you can get a variety of wines and also ask the staff for recommendations.

2. Online wine retailer. If you're not sure where to start, online retailers offer a wider selection of wines and also allow you to explore different types of wine before making a purchase.

3. Wine café. A wine café is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of tinto wine because they often have more than one type of tinto wine on their menu.

4. Fine dining restaurant. If you're looking for a more upscale experience, try dining in a fine dining restaurant that features tinto wines on their menu.

5. Caterer/event planner. If you're hosting an event or catering a meal, consider including tinto wines as part of your beverage choices.