The Benefits Of Tuckpointing A Chimney In Sydney

Have you examined the condition of your chimney recently? The mortar will need to be replaced shortly It typically lasts around 25 years. When the mortar begins to degrade and moisture gets into the chimney system. Ice can cause your stone, brick, and cement masonry to fall into pieces, because of the moisture.

Tuckpointing can prolong the lifespan of chimneys by providing a non-porous mortar joint. You can get the services of tuckpointing in Sydney through

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Tuckpointing slows the process of corrosion. So, if your chimney isn't properly repaired the chimney will start to lose its strength and eventually fall apart. Furthermore, moisture may cause additional costly issues. It is a method of repair that prevents the process of destruction.

There are indications of mortar that are deteriorating which are easy to identify. The weakening of mortar can lead to water getting inside the stone or brick masonry and the masonry can crack or fall off in the process. 

The mortar can be damaged and moisture gets into the chimney and causes brick or stone mortar to crack. Then, by applying tuckpointing you can restore your chimney's structural stability. If weak mortar joints aren't repaired the chimney will need a complete rebuild is likely to be required.

Tuckpointing is a different way to say that you are replacing the old mortar with a brand new mortar. The mortar that is crumbling is ground out to a specific depth and then replaced with fresh. The experts have the expertise and know how to determine the scope of work that must be accomplished and then produce outstanding results.