The Benefits Of Custom Mouthguards In Sports

Mouthguards are a mandatory piece of gear for all types of sports, but these shields can be difficult to breathe through. custom mouthguards allow athletes to customize their mouthguards to fit their specific needs. Custom mouthguards are made from virtually anything and can be created using a variety of materials like thermoplastic, silicone, or acrylic.

Mouthguards can also be made with a specific shape to better fit the mouth. For example, athletes that have had jaw surgery often need a customized mouthguard that offers space between their teeth and the sides of their jaws. Mouthguards are available in traditional shapes like round, square, and teardrop, but custom mouthguards can also be made in other more unique shapes.

The most important part of choosing an air-powered custom mouthguard is finding one that fits your needs. There are several different styles of custom mouthguards available and each style has several benefits. The two main types of custom mouthguards are mandrel-made and injection-molded designs. Mandrel-made custom mouthguards are created using specially designed molds that are used to form the custom mouthguard.

The benefits of mandrel-made custom mouthguards are: that they can be adjusted to the exact shape and size of your teeth, fitting perfectly with your bite and mouth. Injection-molded custom mouthguards are created using an injection molding machine, which forms a plastic piece into specific facial contours. The benefits of injection-molded custom mouthguards include: they do not require any adjustments, have an easy fit due to less time and flexibility during molding, and are more comfortable to wear than traditional custom mouthguards.