Things To Consider When Choosing A Chemistry Tutor For You Child

Your child was having trouble with chemistry in high school and you need to find a teacher. Some parents have had bad experiences with home teaching before and find it difficult to choose a home teacher. However, considering the following factors can help ensure that you choose the best JC Chemistry tuition in Singapore for your child.

  • Often, teacher fees and budgets determine which teachers to hire. Teacher fees may vary based on qualifications, certificates and teaching experience. It also depends on the number of lessons per week you rent and the duration of each class.

  • The higher the qualification of the teacher, the higher the cost. A college-educated teacher charges you more than a part-time student teacher.

  • A common mistake you can make is to offer a tutor at a price below the market rate. A good teacher can stay a while, but will eventually go for a higher paying job. Teachers may not be very interested in training if the salary is very low.

  • Often times, good teachers can be found through recommendations. Ask your child's friends, parents, and people in your community if they know any good chemistry teachers. 

  • People who reach the highest academic levels don't have to be the best teachers. In order to select a teacher, you will also need to seek their teaching experience.

  • A good teacher will be able to turn difficult concepts into very simple concepts. You will also use examples and activities to bring a concept to the minds of students. The teacher must be a person who can adapt to the needs of each child.