Three Cult Films That Are So Bad They Are Good

Every year there are films that really hit the nerves of time and others that just don't hit the mark. However, from time to time, a film will emerge that questions the notion of what is good and what is bad. 

When a film debuts, there is a lot of financial pressure to perform, which makes it difficult for people to see the film for what it is. Over time, the harsh criticism died down, and films deemed terrible were often underground favourites. Here are three cult films that were notoriously bad, they were good. You can get more info about cult films on the internet.

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1. Lebowski the Great

Jeff Bridges plays Jeff Lebowski, known as "Guy". He was an unemployed man who had the unfortunate circumstances of having the same name as someone who owed dangerous people serious money. When a group of thugs appears at his home and breaks the carpet, the man is on a mission of justice. 

2. Room

This 2003 film went down in history as one of the worst films in film history. The film was written, directed, produced and starred the main character, Tommy Weiss, who later became the focus of The Disaster Artist – a film about The Room. In the original film, Wyatt played Johnny, who was betrayed by his fiancé.

3. Howard the duck

Howard the Duck left in 1986 and fell short. Filmed as creepy, bizarre, with a bizarre plot that sees Duck Howard as a martial arts master, band manager, and flirtatious Debonnaire, the film falls short. Critics say Howard is empty and boring with the same supporting actors unconvincing him. The film became known as "so bad" that it was "good" for the cult's followers.