Speech Dysfunctions In Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's disease often affects a patient's ability to speak clearly and this is often considered one of its worst symptoms. For many patients, the loss of their ability to communicate clearly with others is heartbreaking. These patients have the added problem of feeling like they have some form of dementia. It is important to remember that people with Parkinson's can hear very well.

It is estimated that between 65 and 90% of people with Parkinson's disease will experience problems with their language at some point, and these problems can become apparent in vivid ways that involve monotonous or incomprehensible speech.

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The UX of Parkinson's disease

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Sometimes the patient hesitates before actually speaking, which can give the impression that the patient has memory problems or dementia. In other cases, the speech was faster than usual, and very often the same words were repeated over and over. This in turn can give the impression that the patient has dementia or memory problems.

Dysarthria is caused by the weakening of the muscles in speech that become uncoordinated due to Parkinson's. The severity can vary from patient to patient. In fact, some patients can experience this in a very severe form while others have only mild effects. Speech therapy can often help with this problem in some patients. If speech therapy is started carefully with medication, very good results can often be achieved.