Selecting a Roof Hatch That Meets Your Needs

Roof hatches are often used to provide safe and convenient access to and from the area on the roof of a commercial building. These products enable service personnel to gain access to the roof for maintenance and facilitate the installation or removal of large pieces of equipment into or out of the building.

Hatch for high-security applications can be manufactured from heavy gauge material and modified with a number of options for improving security, including deadlocks and bullet-proof windows. This article will provide an overview of the and will focus on the various hatches and options available. 

Roof hatches are horizontal doors that cover roof openings and provide access by means of an interior ladder, ship stair or service stair. The type and size of a structure usually determine the method of egress required. A manufacturing facility with a high ceiling, for example, typically requires a ladder to access the roof, whereas an office building or school might have a traditional set of stairs or a ship stair leading to the roof level.

Other common applications for roof hatches include factories, office buildings, shopping centres, storage facilities, and non-residential buildings that require access to the roof area. There are a variety of roof hatches available to accommodate the access needs of any commercial building. When choosing a roof hatch, a number of factors must be considered, including the hatch purpose, whether it is a new or retrofit application, the type of facility where it will be installed, and the eventual cost of the product.