Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems can last 10-15 years, but like all mechanical equipment, they need regular preventive maintenance to operate efficiently and safely. 

The following is a list of preventive maintenance tasks for irrigation systems

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1. Inspect hoses for kinks, damage, or leaks.

2. Check valves for proper operation and adjustment.

3. Check water lines for breaks or kinked sections.

4. Clean or replace filters if necessary.

5. Check sprinkler heads and spray nozzles for proper operation and adjustment.

6. Clean or replace sprinkler heads if necessary.

7. Replace broken sprinkler valves if necessary. 

8. Adjust timers or shut off valves as necessary to maintain water pressure, flow, and temperature within normal limits.

9. Clean diffuser screens, diffuser pad plates, nozzles and other diffuser equipment if necessary.

10. Check the sprinkler system for proper installation, operation and adjustment to prevent corrosion of sprinkler heads and damage to sprinkler heads themselves.

11. Check irrigation controller settings to be sure it is properly wired and installed correctly in the irrigation system so that it will function properly when it is needed most—during peak watering period of the growing season.

Clean every six months with a hose-end sprayer or a pressure washer.b. Inspect and maintain irrigation system components in accordance with the repair and maintenance procedures listed in the irrigation manual.