Learn About The Procedure For Issuing A Concealed Carry Permit In Florida

The State of Florida, is on top of the list for issuing the highest number of concealed weapon permits in the nation. It's typically taken 3-4 months to process and issue a concealed weapons permit in Florida until recently. 

Florida has opened eight remote regional offices throughout the state to facilitate and expedite the application process for a concealed weapons permit.  Learn more about central florida concealed weapons, via https://s2tconcealed.com/concealed-carry-class/.

Instead of an individual needing to go through conventional channels to collect the required documentation that needs to accompany a concealed weapon permit application i.e. local sheriff's office to have fingerprints taken, then go have passport photos taken somewhere else and have his/her application notarized to later submit at Tallahassee via USPS. 

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At Tallahassee you will be issued a concealed weapons permit in approximately 3-4 months or notify the applicant of something having gone wrong. By visiting one of these satellite offices, the time it takes to be issued a concealed weapons permit is dramatically cut down to 5-10 business days.

During an applicant's visit to these offices, the required passport photos and fingerprints will be taken digitally and each applicant's application will be notarized at no extra cost. 

What more, the state employees will also review your documentation and application for accuracy thus eliminating the possibility of a submit table error. In essence, one your application package is accepted by one of these offices, your paperwork is guaranteed to be correct.

All applications going through these offices will be electronically submitted to Tallahassee and immediately land on the individual's desk who needs to review it in the first place entirely eliminating the hundreds of state employees who end up shuffling applications as when they are mailed in and processed in a conventional manner.