Job Outlook and Prospects of Insulation Workers

material glass wool insulation

Based on Outlook –

The employment rate of insulation workers seems to be growing at a much faster rate. However, the rate of growth will depend on the occupational specialty which is the biggest factor.

The employment rate of insulation workers working in floor, ceiling, and wall is set to grow to about 26% by 2022. However, this work is considered to be small where about 6000 plus jobs are available at the moment. But the good news is that the growth rate is going to climb in the next decade as more people invest in a new house. This means insulation materials are required to be added in order to save energy and money.

Mechanical insulation workers jobs are increasing for about 47% where the demand is more for those who are capable of making changes to existing structures. The demand for these workers did become short however, construction of a new power plant requires insulated pipes and equipment. This means the job and demand for mechanical insulation workers is going to increase.

Based on Prospect –

Floor, ceiling and wall insulators are set to face competition against construction trade workers as little entry is required. This will allow job openings to continue to arise since there is a challenge for the existing insulation workers.

Mechanical insulation workers are known to have the best job due to new growth of construction opportunities, retrofitting and maintenance continues along with government and private businesses are focusing more ongoing energy efficient.

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