Ideal Weather Types to Shoot a Video with Drones

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You just gave your drone some cleaning along with charged the batteries, software is updated and then packed up to get dope shot. However, as soon as you get out of the house or reach the location, the weather changes which isn’t ideal to fly your drone. Keeping yourself updated with the weather is absolutely crucial when it comes to shooting a video with a drone. If you’re an amateur drone pilot then you should also be aware with types of weather that helps you to capture that perfect shot. Here are a few types you need to be aware of while capturing videos with your drone.

  1. When the Weather is Clear and Sunny – You are bound to witness shadows more on the terrain while shooting during this type of water. Just before the day hits noon, it would be ideal to shoot for minimum shadows in your videos. After noon, the shadows become smaller helping you to capture colors and highlights.
  2. When the Weather is Partially Cloudy – You should consider shooting during partial cloudy days since it helps you to add depth and contrast to your video. However, be careful and ensure the exposure setting is changed accordingly.
  3. When the Weather is Overcast – If you love to add clouds and don’t mind the view of the skyline, then the overcast weather type is going to be your best bet. While shooting during such condition, your video will be comprising of high-color saturation and low-contrast as end results.

Before you start flying your drone during any of the weather conditions, drone inspections in Perth is crucial.