How to Get Started With Messenger Chatbot?

Many people have been introduced to Facebook ChatBot. If you are new to the technology, this technology is a chatbot which helps users interact with friends and family members. The concept behind it is to have a conversation.

This is good for many people who want to know what their friends are up to, who their friends are meeting, who they are hanging out with, and if they are currently having a conversation with anyone, the exact location and time. And if they are, you can tell them where you are at.

But don't be deceived, because the Messenger Bot is not just a robot. It is a computer system.

How do I know that? Because one of the reasons I joined Yahoo Messenger Bot is because they have seen so many numbers of bots come into their system from hot topics, and these bots also spent a great deal of time on one conversation, talking to their friends and the Messenger Bot is doing the same thing.

Since bots spend more time in conversations, their conversations are actually much longer than yours will be. And those chatbots use those conversations to pick out keywords and phrases and search for words and phrases that will bring up the information.

Facebook Chatbot actually use these bots to help them pick out phrases and keywords that will help them rank higher for the phrases or keywords they are seeking. That is how those bots work for us.

How do you get to learn about Messenger Bot? Here are the ways.

You can use Google's Search box to go to Yahoo Messenger Bot and type in the search phrase to start learning more about Messenger Chatbot. You can use Yahoo to chat with a Messenger Bot developer if you want to add a new bot to your Messenger account. Or you can go to the Bot developer's site to request an invitation. They will send you an invitation to chat with them on their site.

A simple way to do this is by following the link below the Botmaster section in the Webmaster Dashboard on Yahoo Messenger Bot. It should be the last link in the list on the left side of the page.

In that link is a link called, Chat with Bot Developer. Once you click that link, you will be taken to the Botmaster's page.

Follow the link above, and then type in the URL for the Messenger Bot developer's site, and that will take you to the page. All you need to do to join is fill out the form and then submit it.