How to Choose the Correct Custom Case

To start with, you want to start by teaching yourself on dimensions of cases. Typically case manufacturers will list Internal Dimensions. This metric can let you quickly ascertain if your equipment will fit inside a specific case. You can buy the best custom case at

Bearing this in mind, you can discover your circumstance. We have created two different procedures for attaining this, one is for packaging one thing, and yet another if for lots of goods. Please follow the instructions below based on one of the two of these criteria.

Hi-Vis Orange Cases

Private – Only pick the O.D. of your unit and add 4" into the L x W x H of your device.

Multiple – This requires a little bit more work. Simply take the things and place them out as you think will work best for you. Then proceed and include each of the dimensions up taking into consideration in a minimum of 1" of foam involving each solution and 2" of foam between the items and the proposed case wall.

We use 2" of foam as a wonderful general rule for cushioning around the equipment. This allows you some flexibility in selecting the acceptable case as it is rare to find a situation that is the ideal size. Typically you should not go below 1" of foam cushioning between your product (s) together with the wall of the circumstance.