How to Choose an Auto Detailer for Your Classic Car

If you own a classic car, you are bound to struggle with the problem of finding competent auto parts. You know who you really trust in your car. Many classic car owners only describe their own cars, but personally I prefer to pay someone to be in charge of my work.

How do you find someone who can describe a classic car in detail? Here are some suggestions. You can get information about ceramic coating in New York via

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Car shows

Auto shows need expert detail about the cars on display. One way to find great auto parts is to go to a few shows and ask them who they use. Most events will be happy to tell you who they use because they tend to want to work more for that company or person.

If you are a car enthusiast, you will likely be attending some auto shows yourself. If you're attending an event near you, find out who is the organizer and ask who they use for auto details.

Luxury car dealers

Another great place to find parts for your classic auto is at a luxury car dealership. These people need to keep their car sharp. Just find the owner and tell them you collect cars and ask who they would recommend for detailed work.

Your Kids

This is what I have done, which worked out well! When my kids were old enough, having your own workforce at home is probably the best of these auto parts alternatives.