How to Choose a Doctor in Charlotte

Choosing a physician is probably the most important decision you will make. Ask yourself this, what kind of doctor do you want to have? One that will answer your questions, take your calls, no matter the reason, tell you what is going on, and is ready and willing to take the steps needed to help you achieve pregnancy.

Or a doctor who doesn't actually answer your questions will have a nurse answer your calls and then dance around what's going on and tell you to keep trying and stop worrying. Yes, and I will take the first! How do you find the best physicians in Charlotte NC? Simple! Interview them!


You and your partner should make a list of questions that are important to both of you and that you can ask your prospective doctor. Do you already have a doctor? Great!! Now ask yourself, are you satisfied with your doctor? Do you think your doctor will do everything possible to help you?

Can you reach your doctor anytime?? If one of your employees acted and treated you the same way your doctor does, would you give them a raise or fire them? If you really, and I mean really, would give him a raise, then you have the best doctor you could possibly find.

If, on the other hand, you would rather fire him, THEN DO IT!! Walk into his office and tell the staff that you need to see your doctor. Then tell him why you are unhappy. If your doctor is willing to do more for you, then give him another chance. If he tries to brush you off, tell him he is fired and you want all of your medical records NOW!! Do not leave the office without them in your hands, or without them having been transferred to your new doctor.