Homeowner’s Guide To Gutter Guards In Barrie

If rain gutters aren't kept clean, they won't be able to collect water from your roof. The gutter system can be blocked by leaves, seeds, and bird droppings. 

Problems such as mold, leaking basements, and permanent water damage to the foundation and undersides can all result from gutters that aren't working correctly.

Regular maintenance with valor gutter guard in Barrie is a must for gutters, as with all home fixtures. It doesn't matter if you do it yourself or hire professionals to do the job, your gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year. You should go further than this if your house is in the suburbs, or if there are many trees around your home.

So, what are gutter guards?

Gutter guards, as the name suggests, are the answer to a full gutter. These guards are the solution to overflowing gutters, water leaking into the roof rafters, and roofing damage. It protects your home against leaves, pine needles, and dirt that can clog your gutters. The water flows freely through the system.

How do gutter guards actually work?

Gutter guards are made from a mesh or leaf guard, which traps leaves and other debris. The water can then flow down to the downspout easily. 

The wind will blow the leaves away from your roof and dry up any remaining leaves. As additional protection against similar obstructions and blockages to the waterway, a leaf strainer can be attached to the downspouts.