Hire iPhone Glass Replacement Service

The damage to the screen that is still functional is less severe than it could have been. This is because the liquid crystal display (or LCD) is still in place. The iPhones of today have two screens: the exterior screen, which we touch to control the phone, and an LCD that projects the images we see.

If the iPhone's display is working after a drop that caused a cracked screen, it means the exterior screen is damaged but the LCD is still functional. (If the display doesn't work, both the exterior and LCD have ruptured, which is much worse). 

This means that the iPhone glass replacement will be required, instead of the more costly glass and LCD replacement. A glass replacement for an iPhone is a common procedure that can be done at most iPhone repair shops. You can also find these iPhone repair stores online, it is recommended to visit https://iphonerepairatyourlocation.com/ for a professional iPhone glass replacement service.

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Alternately, some iPhone users are technically proficient enough to replace the iPhone glass themselves. These users can simply find a dealer for iPhone replacement parts and buy an exterior screen (also known as iPhone glass). 

Users who choose to have their exterior screens replaced professionally should check the price of replacement glass to ensure that the repair shop has correctly priced the parts.

Users can choose to replace the exterior screens by themselves or hire a professional to do the job. However, broken glass does not mean that they should replace their entire iPhone. An iPhone glass replacement costs only a fraction of what a new iPhone would cost.