Get Rid of Dark Underarms With These Amazing Tips!

What exactly causes dark underarms?

1. There are too many memos left. We use many dark body treatments to prevent excessive sweating and body odor, especially when the weather is too hot or when we exercise a lot.  

2. Shaving causes darkening. Hair grows normally, so there is a chance that the armpits will darken. When shaving, the hair is only trimmed at the surface of the skin and your underarms appear darker because it casts shadows all over the skin. Waxing is a very preferred method of hair removal as it removes the roots. 

3. Hyperpigmentation. If shaving and residue are not to blame, you may be suffering from hyperpigmentation. This can be hereditary. If you are experiencing this problem.


1. Do not wear tight clothing as they tend to irritate the skin, causing it to is the one of the main reason of darkness.

2. Lemon contains substances that lighten your underarms. Rub a slice of lemon on your underarms and let the skin absorb the goodness of the orange.

3. Use cotton clothes instead of synthetic fiber clothes. Cotton makes your skin breathe.

4 Exfoliate your underarms with a pumice stone. Rub gently.You can see the result within one month of use.