Fun Ideas For Outdoor Kitchen Plans

Outdoor kitchen plans should be fun. Bring outdoor cuisine with you! Enjoy the sunny weather and enjoy some of the tastiest grilled dishes. But remember, the success of your outdoor kitchen really depends on a smartly designed outdoor kitchen plan.

Start by strategically placing your outdoor kitchen in conjunction with other backyard elements such as a patio, garden, or pool. Think of them all as planning natural traffic flow between "rooms". Your outdoor kitchen plan should have a natural flow of space from the grill to the seating area. Leave the floor plan open so that when the kids are hungry or bored, they can stroll to and from the pool.

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Easy access between indoor and outdoor areas is a smart idea, whether through patio doors or even through open windows. But the most important thing is not to ignore the chef! Sometimes it is easy to place the grill in an isolated location for fear of smoke or fire. Many modern grills have fans or exhaust pipes to reduce smoke. So design your outdoor kitchen island with lots of grill seats!

If you want to install an outdoor minibar, it is a smart idea to include a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen. The refrigerator can keep drinks cold and affordable; It is also useful for cooking. To expand on the bar's theme, add a touch of authenticity by including a beer dispenser, wine cooler, martini bar – maybe even an ice maker!

Check out outdoor kitchen plans online for ideas on how you can build an island to house your thirsty friends and family. Don't forget small details like the built-in bottle opener or towel hangers to give your outdoor kitchen a "real" bar feel.