Easy And Effective Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Give all the restaurant patrons the first coupon on their next visit with a simple offer (possibly free aperitif, dessert, or after dinner). There should be no requirement for this proposal and it must be redeemed within 6 months. Ask the customer to bring a coupon restaurant and make sure that you can add it to your database.

Measuring results, modify the offer, if necessary, and if it brings you more business, make it part of your marketing system. While you are busy, it literally takes every six months to review the cost of your restaurant. An easy way to increase your bottom line is to cut costs.

When was the last time you restored your credit card charges? Are you getting the best deal from your wine merchant? Review the menu and check your profit margins – what dishes provide the best margin? Make a special menu with dishes to sell more.

Eliminating the worst sell you 3 dishes and those with the worst margin. You will be surprised how ordinary household can affect the bottom line. One of the fastest ways to increase your restaurant profit is to raise prices. Just a few bucks on many items being sold will provide exponential growth immediately.

This may sound like a scary thought, but take a closer look at the psychology of pricing and purchase behavior, and you’ll understand why 80% of the restaurant business doing less for their services and products. Except in a few cases, most people do not make a purchase decision on price alone.