Developing Site Search Features

Unlike the time where the internet was still in an infant stage, the search function is now more than just a field. An important design feature in enabling your on-site search function is the level of how much guidance you would and should provide to your customers. This means a further increase in the reach and search depth of your website.

You can use keyword and color search by Vishion for more advanced search options.

To keep visitors interested and increase website engagement, you can offer a combination of search options that target your content and users. It must also be able to assess the level of knowledge or experience of the user. 

Depending on the number of options, the instructions can be either "drop-down menu", "multimedia keys", "fine search" or additional "limited search function".

If your website has detailed data and could add additional complexity, there are some advanced search features and tips to consider. However, it is a good idea to leave if your website has not yet reached this status.

For the discussion here, the advanced search can be expanded to cover every aspect of the search algorithm, including the ability to include or exclude specific words or phrases, language, geographic location, or even the date the data was published.