Car Towing in San Antonio

To start off, car towing is not something one should try without proper knowledge and machinery – mainly when valuable cars are involved. Inappropriate towing of cars can result in personal injury and damage.

Towing professionals are specially trained for their job; they have long-term experience and also suitable equipment for such a job. They are skilled car mechanics to deal with unforeseen circumstances such as the need to jump-start and on the road repairs.

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To illustrate, it pays to appoint the services of a professional towing agency when it comes to towing your car. Work requires more than fun, a do-or-die attitude and a healthy car or even a truck. By nature, cars are relatively light and bulky and tend to move a lot when towed – as opposed to the dead weight of building materials or boats.

Towing vehicles require a special cooling system, additional suspension and must have a coordinated transmission ratio between gears and engine power. Basically, it should have all-wheel drive and highly efficient brakes.

Such a vehicle also has a towing capacity, the specified weight should not be exceeded (if this class is exceeded, the braking ability of the towing vehicle is impaired and serious consequences can occur). It also requires a custom made hitch, which includes safety chain, crane, and hitch.