Blister Packs And Their Uses

Various types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods, medicines, and food are known as blister packages.The use of these products has increased in most of the industry today. If you want to know more about how to make custom blister packaging, then search the browser.

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Here in this article, we will illuminate some of the main types and uses. These include:

Packaging of pharmaceutical products

This is one of the leading areas where the structure is used. This is needed for packaging units for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, or arms. 

The fact that the package offers the safety of the barrier in the terms of shelf life and temper resilience makes it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical product packaging. In some countries, this package is also famous for the Push-Through-Pack (PTP) name. 

As far as regarding their preparation process, these packages are made by the process of seal forms carried out in pharmaceutical companies. Flat sheet rolls or films are used for production. It is filled with pharmaceutical products and sealed on the same equipment.


Clamshell is a hinged blister used for various kinds of products. It consists of a sheet that is folded on it and sometimes blends on the limit. To open this structure, you might need a pair of scissors or pointed knives. 

These packages need to be opened very carefully. This is because most individuals are found injured when opening this package.

Consumer goods

This is another type of blister package where items such as electrical items, hardware, and toys are covered between carton cards and pre-formed plastic such as PVC.