Benefits Of Electric Pool Covers In The USA

A pool cover is a costly and important purchase that should not be rushed. A good quality cover will be backed with 5-10 years of warranty, and will ultimately save you time, money and effort. The initial cost of your electrical pool cover is nothing compared to the money you can save by less electricity and water usage costs. Your investment will be recouped in a very short time. 

Here are some benefits of using electrical pool covers:

  • Pool covers slow down and reduces the evaporation of your pool’s water.

  • Some pool covers actively heat your pool’s water and all of them work to reduce heat loss to keep your pool warmer all year round.

  • Pool covers keep out debris, twigs, trees, etc. and anything else that may find its way into the pool. 

  • They cut down on cleaning time, a clean pool with a cover will continue to stay clean, in comparison to a clean pool left unattended for a week.

  • Covers will minimize your chlorine consumption by reducing the number of UV rays hitting the water.

  • Reduced chance of blockages occurring from leaves, which results in poor water quality.

Certain pool covers provide safety for children especially if they were to slip and fall into the pool.