Are You Tracking These Payroll Rules Annually?

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Payroll rules ensure that every employee gets a fair income for the time and efforts he/she invests at work. In addition, it also ensures that no business has to release unwanted payouts to any employee under any circumstances. But these rules can change depending on the market and employment conditions. So, this requires you to keep a track of rules and changes that may impact your business.

  • Social Security Taxes: As an employer, you are responsible for withholding social security tax and making contributions on the behalf of employees. Here, understanding how the tax percentage, withholding, and employer’s contributions change with changing base pay is essential.
  • State Laws and Contributions: Businesses also need to be compliant with the SUTA regulations. Since employers are responsible for paying the SUTA tax, tracking any change in the legislation is essential. There can be a modification to the wage base and the limit for paying the tax.
  • Compliance with the Withholding Rules of Federal Income Tax: Employers withhold a certain amount from taxes from the wages they pay to employees. The federal tax brackets can change with time, so it is essential to stay updated with the alterations. This ensures that the business stays compliant with the federal tax rules as well.
  • Minimum Wages: There can be a difference in the minimum wage as per the state and federal rules. Thus, it is essential to understand the difference and which one applies to a particular business or employee.

And there’s a lot on the list, keeping a track of which might get difficult for a business owner. However, hiring accounting payroll services from Sydney can ensure your compliance with all the rules, all the time.