All About Google Analytics AdWords Dashboard

Google analytics AdWords dashboard is the most useful tool you'll ever use. Google analytics AdWords dashboard offers a wealth of information about your website, visitors, and their activities while they are on it. 

To get started with the Google analytics AdWords dashboard, create a Dashboard that contains your most valuable widgets. To get more details about the Google analytics AdWords dashboard,  you may browse this site. These are pieces of information you might want to display on your dashboard.

Unique visitors: The first and most important statistic about your website is the number of unique visitors. This valuable information will help you to identify trends and link them with specific actions or website changes. 

Image Source: Google

Pages/Visit – To track the number of visits to your site, you'll want to add the following statistic to your dashboard. This will allow you to see how deep you engage your visitors. Whether or not this is good will depend on your goals and site design, but it is important that you track and analyze.

Traffic sources – You should place the traffic sources pie chart widget on your dashboard. It is a very telling and colorful widget. It shows you how visitors arrive at your website. Direct traffic is when someone types your URL into the address box. You can even search online for more information about the Google analytics AdWords dashboard.