A Comparison Between Butterfly Valve And Ball Valve Castings

The butterfly valve and ball valve are the two most commonly used valves in the industrial sector. Both have many differences. This article about Ball Valve castings and many more will bring to you a comparative study of ball valves and butterfly valves. If you are looking for a butterfly valve in Thailand then visit EcofittingValve.com/ หมวด หมูหมู สินค้า -14027-1-butterfly-valve วาล์์ ปี ก ผี เสื้อ. HTML.

Construction and the appearance of both valves are very different. The ball valve castings have balls with holes through them. The butterfly valve on the other hand has a disk installed on a rotating shaft.

Meson Group | Butterfly Valve L DN800 PN10


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The work procedure is also different. The ball valve opens, block or partially open the hole to the ball to control and adjust the flow. The disk is what the butterfly valve used. The handle was used in the last case to turn on the disk at ninety degrees to let the flow completely through or to fully block it.

Drip pressure involved with two different valves. In the ball valve, there is almost no difference in pressure and it is a big advantage. The ball valve will change no matter how much pressure is given from the end of the offering unit.

However, the same thing is not true for the butterfly valve. In this case, with disturbing disk properties, there is always a decrease in pressure. This can continue to have a serious problem later.

Understanding the structure and function both are needed to choose the perfect valve for the function you need to do. Ball valve castings, as well as butterfly valves, are widely available and easy to obtain. You must feel free to contact a trusted manufacturer who can explain and choose the most suitable valve for you