3 Ways HR Can Offer Mental Health Support

Managing mental health in the workplace has always been a concern for HR professionals, yet it has become complicated in the last two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An insurance report that looked at mental health found that 46 percent of 1,400 workers were experiencing difficulties maintaining their mental health. This trend has led to a decline in morale and productivity. This raises the question that most companies ask their human resource departments: What mental health support can be provided to employees? You should adopt the best disruptive innovation in HR to promote mental health awareness among employees. 

disruptive innovation in hr

Here are three ways that your HR department can help employees struggling with their mental health:

  • Promote Company-Wide Mental Health Resources

Reviewing your company’s benefits package is the best way to serve your employees. Is your company’s insurance policy covered for mental health? What extent does your company’s insurance cover mental health? Check if employees have access to substance abuse treatment programs, long-term counseling, and prescription drug coverage.

  • Host Mental Health Support Trainings

You are an HR professional who is skilled in understanding workplace dynamics and how it affects mental health. However, you are not there with your employees every day. Managers and employees should complete training in mental health to help reduce stigma and connect to the right resources.

  • A Healthy Work/Life Balance is Non-Negotiable

Employee burnout can be crippling for your company. What can HR professionals do in order to prevent burnout? Flexible scheduling options and additional PTO days are offered by many companies. They also ensure that employees take breaks and are empowered to disconnect from work when they’re not working.

Employees often turn to HR departments for help when they have questions. It’s important to communicate all forms of mental health support, but it’s also important that you do so.The entire staff can be made aware by offering training and certifications in mental health. Most importantly, offer an open and friendly HR environment where employees feel safe discussing their concerns or issues.