Understand How Waterproof Rock Carpet Works

The waterproof rock carpet looks like a bad impression but it's not. It works alone as a beautiful waterproof floor that can be fully designed custom by you. 

Based on the name "waterproof rock mat, you would think it has a rough finish while it has a very smooth feeling with a polished finish. You can check here various flooring options.

He draws his name from his composition. It is composed of several thousand small rocks and stones of your choice with resins resistant to water completed with epoxy polymers.

The operation of the waterproof rock carpet is quite simple, it works like a better answer all-inclusive to your most important soil needs because its water and moisture resistant to waters and moisture, scratch and to be released. , to slip and stain.

Its combination of polymeric epoxy rocks and other materials work by pulling dirt and water from its smooth flat surface that helps keep it clean, dry, sliding, and sliding. It's really in a class of his own.

Any water or moisture that comes into contact with its surface can not soak or install, because the waterproof resins and the epoxy polymers grow and pull the liquid and moisture. Water resins and epoxy polymers are responsible for their overall water resistance. 

Since this floor is composed of hard materials, that is to say, rocks, stones, resins, and conscious epoxy polymers, it does not scratch or does not fall. The last layer, which is the epoxy polymer, is what prevents scratches. 

The finished product is so dense that it does not give way to the pressure to accept that of the demolition force equipment.


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